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#1 2016-10-06 04:51:16


Win The Lottery Method Review

Just got wind of this system a week ago and I have no doubt about it, it's a Marketer, not a lottery expert or a mathematical genius. I would like to point a few things out:

1-  Alexander states he won $678,000 using his own system, yet no real proof not one single large lottery ticket never mind a legit lottery ticket that would have his signature. Most likely Alexander Morrison is not even this sellers real name.

2- Stating 80% win rate is ridiculous even the best winning systems cannot do that. Then later in sales page states system has a success rate higher than 80%.

3-  Stating this is as you say a Red Flag, no competent person would state this about a system. "The original codes for the system are stored with full safety in a reliable place in the world, it is a secret so cannot give more details on this". Totally weird to say and is another Red Flag!

4- Shows all these testimonials which really means nothing as not verified, I will be checking out these winners and contacting them if can, as anybody can put lottery winners on a sales page and say they won using their system, it does not mean it's true as I have caught many other systems doing just that. Looking very closely at a few of these lottery winners the name does seem not match, it is made very blurry so very hard to see on most.

5- Stated on the sales page limited to 100 users, but also on the sales page stated that hundreds have won using the system, of course this again a Red Flag!

6- States on sales page with a big warning: This system will not be for sale much longer! I'm receiving threats and attacks from people who have succeeded with my system. It is incredible, but they don't want me to keep sharing the software that has given them a high level of success. Who in there right mind would do that, this is another completely ridiculous statement.
I have seen other marketers use that tactic and the system was up for years until clickbank disabled it as many reported as shady.

All this I found just looking at the sales page for a few minutes, there is most likely much more and I do suspect this system will constantly be changing the wordings on sales page, which is another red flag!

Bottom line: System allows affiliates to sell which is a clear sign that is how seller makes money, there is no proof has won any lottery.

I think as time goes by we will see the truth spill out.

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#2 2016-10-07 03:29:42


Re: Win The Lottery Method Review

I think I can help shed some light about this system.

When I checked out that photo (Alexanders family photo) I found out the wife's name is Donna Maria Coles Johnson and looks like is living in North Carolina at this time. Seller says his name is Alexander Morrison, last names do not match. Possibly Alexander Morrison is not his real name. If was all legit should be using a real name right?

Also take note, this system a short time ago was selling through Click Bank. Click Bank has cleaned house so to speak and this system was disabled by CB. If CB did not want this system/program selling through them any longer, they found something that was unacceptable/suspect, which I see as a big warning light!!!!!!!!!!

I research many systems/programs and if things just do not seem to add up, something is usually not right.

I'm sure the system is the same or similar to most other lottery software systems, but if false advertising comes into play that is a big hint that the marketer is misleading you.

If I find more in my investigation, I will report it.


#3 2016-12-22 23:33:27


Re: Win The Lottery Method Review

A good point is made here....if selling through a place to have affiliates, shows sellers trying to just make money no doubt about it.

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#4 2018-05-31 04:13:58

Ronda J

Re: Win The Lottery Method Review

WOW! Everything about this system looks fake. First off the name of the system is a copy cat from another lottery system that went belly up as was complete garbage. Maybe is the same fool now just changed the name slightly, not sure. The fake system has very obvious signs of a con artist, uses very idiotic advertising which shows he or possibly a she is quite stupid. As others have stated this is a bogus system and if you did not already know, lottery software systems are now obsolete, they are useless. The true real lottery systems will not be in software, software is for entertainment purposes only.


#5 2018-06-26 04:39:56

Archie L

Re: Win The Lottery Method Review

Yup! This system is just overflowing with red flags, you would have to be very dumb to even trust them never mind using an obsolete lottery program.


#6 2018-09-14 03:46:15


Re: Win The Lottery Method Review

I bought this system under the pretence it was an actual system (this was back 3-4 years ago) all it contained was strategy can find on internet completely free, so yes I was swindled by this seller!

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