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#1 2017-11-02 02:41:17

Guest Is A Scam Review Site

Here is another lottery system review site that is posting fake false reviews and out right lies about lottery systems plus other programs as well. What the person who runs this shady review sites does, is suggest a lottery system and or other programs are nothing but scams, when in fact these lottery systems and programs are "Not Scams". The person who runs this review site is actually a con artist who posts fake reviews on lottery systems and programs that have a good name, stating they are bad or scams just to get your attention, then direct you to what they are selling or want you to join. This is a con artists way of selling their product, all of the reviews are totally fake and are mislead people big time!! I looked at a few of the lottery systems being called a scam and I have actually been using one for years that is being called a scam. The fake review states the system, the Lotto Guy Lottery System is a lottery software system that rips people off, does nothing and so on. Only problem is I have been using the system as well as many others and can tell you the system is not a software system and the system works just fine and is a good logical strategy used by thousands.

So you see this review site is lying to people on purpose, has never even used the system, yet calls it a scam. This shady review site is also connected to another shady review site called which is also posting fake reviews about lottery systems and programs that actually good and not scams in any way. Both shady review sites are run by shady marketers, both directing people to buy/join up to what mlm program they are pushing to make money.

What these two shady review sites are doing is called piggybacking. Take a good reputable lottery systems name or program and then call it a scam, tell people a bunch lies and inaccurate information about the program, post fake negative comments, then direct people to what they are trying to sell/make money from. These shady marketers who run these bogus review sites are the actual Scammers!!!

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#2 2017-11-10 04:55:55


Re: Is A Scam Review Site

The guy who runs that review site ( ) is younger marketer who has youtube videos attacking tons of programs just cause problems then to direct people to buy and join up to what money making BS program he is pushing. He is a real ass, calling all these programs bad when in fact he is the bad person running a shady review site...any fool can see what he is doing. I don't know how youtube can let this idiot deface these programs with no actual proof they are bad. I know many of these programs and they are not bad in any way. He is an internet con artist.


#3 2018-11-14 05:45:26


Re: Is A Scam Review Site

in my searching i found this article you should read, they give you the truth about Many Income Streams Scam Review Site Is A Scam! Many Income Streams Scam Review Site Is A Scam!

The article was published on Lotto Insider back in 2017 - due the many complaints against the shady review site which is connected to so pass this on to your friends etc so they fall for their garbage reviews.

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