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#1 2017-11-03 04:44:01


Lottery System Review Site Is Fooling People

Here is yet another lottery system review site pretending to give honest reviews. The review site  states is run by a so called professor, calls himself Professor George, which is highly unlikely as there are no credentials at all. Checking the reviews out on the site I have found many problems which suggests this review site is not an honest review site.

I have used many lottery systems over the years and know what most of these lottery systems consist of. I actually two systems one of which is being reviewed on the so called honest review site by the so called professor george. He states the system I am using is a bogus lottery software system and goes on to bash it so it also sounds very bad. Even the comments posted are attacking the system stating information that is totally Not True, so I know right off the bat even the posted comments are fakes, most likely posted by professor george himself. Well for starters the system in question is not a software system at all, so again the review about said system was fake.

I thought I would post a comment to give my opinion on this particular lottery system as I do use the system, and just as I suspected good old professor george did not accept it, would not post a good review on it. So for a so called honest review site, we see only bad comments are accepted for this particular system. So I decided to checkout his many other reviews on other lottery systems and noticed only good reviews on the systems that professor george had an affiliate link with had the good reviews, which means if anyone buys the system through his affiliate link,he makes a commission from the sale.

Now the system I am using does not allow affiliates to the sell system as it is a real system designed to actually win lottery games, the systems that allow affiliates are basically none winning systems, only designed to make money through commissions sales. So now I understand why the bogus well known none winning systems.....many of which are reported as completely uses
junk are given the fake very good reviews as professor george want you to buy only the systems he can earn money from the commission sale. So now I see so called Professor George is nothing more than a shady marketer running a dishonest lottery system review site.

To see this for yourself, all you need to do is go to the site and on every lottery system he is giving a good review, then gives a Click To Buy Link so you can buy it. Just click that buy link then look at your browser address bar it will show a url, if the url has in it (aff) example /?aff_id=  or has (hop) example ?hop=lloscarri in the url, then that means it is an affiliate link so meaning it shows that so called professor george is trying to fool people to make money for himself. He lies about actual good systems giving them bad fake reviews so you do not buy it, you will only be pushed to buy the systems he gives fake good reviews for, you see.

This is a completely shady review site, even tries to have the name similar to this lottery system reviews site I am on now posting this, which only gives truthful reviews good or bad and has no affiliate links/urls so all honest reviews.

Anytime you see a lottery system or review site saying is by a Professor 9 out of ten times it is usually a shady marketer lying to you, just to make money. Professor George is a total disgrace!!!!!

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#2 2017-11-16 19:11:04


Re: Lottery System Review Site Is Fooling People

You are 100% the reviews and the comments are totally fakes. The who review sites is run by an affiliate marketer posing as a so called professor (what an idiot), no real professor is going to run a fake review site and would give his full name and credentials. This fool running this bogus review site only give good reviews to system/programs he can sell to people as every sale gives him a commission. So any system/program he states is bad, is actually a good real program. He posts fake comments which are all lies mine you, as I see some that absolutely make no sense as I use the system.

I just went ahead and tried to post a good comment and it was not allowed WTF, I have to post a bad comment only on the programs he says on his faker review is bad to allow my comment. If say the program is good and I want to post a bad comment it is not allows.

This review site is NOT Real! It is absolutely run by a low down scum bag marketer!

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#3 2017-11-21 20:12:17


Re: Lottery System Review Site Is Fooling People

For sure a garbage review site....and who the hell is this so call professor George? Any legit professor would not run a fake lottery system review site. I think this clown may be linked to another review site from the UK that is also posting fake reviews as well.

This fool is nothing more than an affiliate marketer, has affiliate links for every system he says is good and the systems that do not allow affiliates, he says are bad....even the comments are fakes as read a few that make no sense at all.

If any system he directs you to that has (aff or hop) in the url that is his affiliate url to sell system for commissions. The systems that he says are good along with the posted fake comments are all geared towards lying just to push unsuspecting people to buy the bogus system. On ALL legit lottery system review sites those same systems are reported as garbage!!

I think is part of a few other review sites that post fake reviews and fake comments and they all seem to be from the UK and Australia. Lot's of crooks seem to be from these two places, never trust a fake review site with your information you are at great risk!!!!


#4 2018-01-24 06:49:58


Re: Lottery System Review Site Is Fooling People

Review sites whether it is for lottery systems as in this case, or any kinds of products, has no right to post false reviews. These people do not care if harm others products only concerned to fool people to make money. Makes me angry....maybe if someone with hack skills could shut them down for good, would be nice so no more people are tricked.


#5 2018-10-16 04:25:37


Re: Lottery System Review Site Is Fooling People

No doubt about it, the lottery system review site is full of fake reviews. The owner of the site calls himself professor George, what a fool!!!!!! Any person with just a bit of common sense can plainly see the owner is an affiliate seller, so he lies to push you to the lottery systems he can earn a dollar from the sales. Most all the systems he says are great are already known fraudulent lottery systems and ones he bad mouths are the good systems, they have no affiliates so he cannot make money from them. Fraudsters such as this need to be reported as they are tricking people to spend money on crap systems.


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