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#1 2012-10-13 19:50:00

Yung Dow

I Cancelled My Lottery Circle Membership

I bought a 1-year Membership to Lottery Circle in November 2010. The stats given on their site about my Lottery game is available for free at our Provincial Lottery (all states for all games are free).

What they do is this: list of the hit frequency of each number in descending order. So The first number for the column has the most hits and so on. Their hot numbers are the first 6 numbers listed, their cold numbers are the last 6 number listed and they pick 6 more numbers randomly between the hot and clod numbers. I tried the system for many draws and won nothing. Very unlucky, the claimed 96% is false advertising. So I cancelled my current subscription.


#2 2012-11-07 14:55:19


Re: I Cancelled My Lottery Circle Membership

This lottery circle system is sold by Ace Lee, he is nothing but a store clerk. He lies to people about how good his systems are, another con-man seller.

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