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#1 2012-11-02 16:51:37


Software For Lotto Misleading People

I agree way to many bogus lottery software systems, all do the same, give you past drawn numbers you can get yourself free why pay for this?


#2 2013-11-27 20:07:17


Re: Software For Lotto Misleading People

Software systems do not give you any real advantage, they are basically designed with coding that takes the past numbers that are drawn from many lottery games. This is all information totally free at no cost for any person who wants to look it up, why people are paying for this just because it's in a software format is beyond me.

I suppose people think they are getting something special if it is in a software format. Some products are great in software format, lottery systems are not one of them. Where I work we have programmers who told me systems in a software format do not allow you to see where the numbers are coming from, you may as well be picking them out of the air in some cases. Much better to use systems not in software format, this allows you to see what is going on and puts you in control. Yes, it does take a tad more work, but seriously folks, do you want push button fast results that hardly win anything, or taking a few minutes to use a real system under your control which always yields much better winning success.

The whole world is getting very lazy! While people are getting more lazy, lottery foundations are increasing their jackpots. Do you want to win or just fool around. Anything you do worthwhile takes a small amount of work, this is factual information. Pushing a button to get lottery numbers to play is virtually useless, there are many reviews to back this up. Wake up and use the recommended systems, you will notice they are not software, get my drift?


#3 2014-04-11 21:29:12


Re: Software For Lotto Misleading People

Lottery software comes in many stages of extremely poor and up to extremely good.

If you are going to sell a lottery software system and make money you want the cheapest software you can get. This is why most all lottery software systems have major issues, they are cheap. Even the cheap software is expensive, so there is no way in hell you will get a top notch software system as would be very expensive, see what I am saying to you all!

Just about all lottery software systems are sold by marketers not even lottery experts, which a makes another valid issue in why would you want a system such as this, it will not win anything hence why these systems hype them up with ridiculous high win rates, I mean 50% up to 98% win rates please find another sucker!

Try to stay clear of lottery software all basically same and most of the time you can get same info they give you free, do not be fooled!

It's all in the coding which is usually done very poorly and you never know how good or bad these software systems are until you use them, when you find out just how bad or how many issues they have it will be to late. Use none software systems only! If not sure ask seller, if no reply, there is another sign to avoid system.

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