Topic: Free Lottery System Downloads Really Just Computer Viruses!

This is a BIG WARNING! Many people are reporting getting computer viruses or Trojans when tying to download lottery systems for free from various websites.

It seems there are a few websites stating free lottery system downloads for well known lottery systems as:

- The Lotto Guy Lottery System
- The Lotto Black Book System
- The Lottery Circle software System
- The Silver Lotto System
- The Formula 1 Lotto Software System

Do Not fall for this trick! These shady websites are only using these well known lottery systems names, to either just get you to click on their website or to think you are downloading one of these systems for free, which is not the case, then infect your computer.

You cannot get any of these systems for free, they are only available at their main websites and is the safe place to obtain them. It is highly illegal for anyone to give these systems out free and would results in a law suit as they all have copy rights.

If you see in any of these examples in search results Do Not Open Them:

Free Lotto Guy Lottery System Downloads
Best Lotto Guy pdf Downloads
Lotto Guy Lottery System pdf Torrents
lotto guy lottery system free download at PTF

The same fake titles are being used for the Lotto Black Book System , Silver Lotto System, Formula 1 Lotto System, Lottery Circle System and possibly others.

Also Beware! some of these shady websites are asking you for your credit cards as a verification, this is a SCAM! Do Not Give Out Your Credit Card Information!! Report these sites to the the authorities.

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Re: Free Lottery System Downloads Really Just Computer Viruses!

Here is also something else I see going on that people are not aware of. Other sellers or affiliates selling other lottery systems are using the names of the more popular legit winning systems pretending to be them ( using their names in article headlines for search results), then directing you to their website selling a totally different system hoping you will not notice.

Since I write lottery articles I see this happening all the time. Take note, I see sellers (affiliates) possible Ken Silver himself using other lottery systems names in the head lines of articles, then directing you to the Silver Lotto System. This goes to show you how desperate these shady sellers really are, trying to steal traffic as their system is rated as B.S.

Also I see this happening with sellers (affiliates) selling the Lotto Black Book System, so be careful what you are buying!

I  have warned people for years to avoid these con artist systems and the sellers. If they do this sort of nonsense, just imagine what they may do with your information (Credit Cards) etc.

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Re: Free Lottery System Downloads Really Just Computer Viruses!

Just found out on another forum these websites stating free downloads for various lottery systems are in fact using credit card information, so if you gave you credit card info to get a phony system of some type (will not be the real system) cancel your credit card and report it.

If the site is not asking for credit card it is attaching a virus that picks up your log in information as bank accounts, payment processors etc

Report these sites to the FBI  Internet Crime Schemes