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#1 2013-01-24 01:26:51


Lottery Circle Is Untrustworthy software Program

An untrustworthy software system gives the completely wrong number groups. Where is this Ace Lee clown getting his information from it is very useless for winning lotto, may as well be using quick pick lottery tickets. 

There are better winning solutions found on this forum than the lottery circle system, stick with what others recommend, do not fall for reviews by sellers of this system, all B.S!


#2 2016-08-15 14:17:11


Re: Lottery Circle Is Untrustworthy software Program

Here is a fact! ALL Lottery software systems, you know the ones that are saying press a button and you get your winning lottery numbers to play. Where in the world do these systems get those numbers from that they give to you! They get them from ONLY two sources, one being there own numbers, so basically they can give you anything they like, does not mean they are good. Then you have the systems that steal the hot, cold, numbers (numbers from past draws) right off of main lottery game websites as they supply absolutely free those numbers. Systems that steal that data and are selling it to you! Are in fact a con, a gimmick as others have reported.

Fact! 10 years ago software system may have been useful but not now, they are fake and you are being mislead. I'm not saying all software products are bad, just software for lottery systems. There are very good systems that are not software and those systems are the real deal, the systems that really help you win.

If a system states it is software, avoid it! If a system does not state it is software, then is is not a software system and will be a much better system/strategy to use.

Pass this on to others so they know, there is no sense at all in using a lottery software system.


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