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#1 2013-02-01 03:34:18


Lottery Crusher Software Nothing Special!

Seriously what the heck are these lotto software sellers doing? They are all copying each others systems just using a different name and look. The lottery crusher system used to say 100% win rates, now says just guaranteed winnings, both are lies. It's funny that every single lotto software system is sold through click bank and every single system is absolutely FULL OF LIES!

These sellers are lying to people about how great their system is and they do not honor refunds. The lottery crusher system crushes nothing, No Real Winners use this very common lotto analysis data software, just losers.

This is why I recommend to use real systems as Smart Play Lotto Wheels, nothing phony, no hype, no lies and it works. I have tested a few systems out and like this one the best just in case you were looking for a real system to use.


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