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#1 2013-02-23 06:29:19


Lottery Audit Software Won No Money For Me

This is my test or review of the Lottery Audit Software system. I purchased the three month subscription for lottery audit as I though it would be a good lotto software system, I was WRONG!

After the full three months of using the system, I was seriously disappointed. The Lottery Audit system is basically the same as all other lotto software systems on the market, just looks different and of course has different false advertising. You can go online and get the exact same data they feed you, so what is the point of purchasing this system and it's not cheap costing $30 per month.

In the three months of using the system I lost a lot of money on losing lottery tickets, the claim about how great the Lottery Audit system works it total rubbish! I think I was suckered, but you do not have to be, just remember most of these so called great winning lottery systems are in fact not so great. I now know there are a only few real reputable systems such as Lotto Guy System which has many great reviews on forums and from real lottery winners and no affiliates can sell the system, so the reviews are for real. I know there are a few other systems that have no affiliates selling them, those are the ones that seem to be the better systems which makes sense.

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