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#1 2013-02-28 02:10:09


Lottery Crusher Software System User Review

Just finshed trying out the Lottery Crusher Software and can tell all of you who are thinking of using this lottery software to move on. I have now tried 3 lottery systems and all three were junk!! The Lottery Crusher system is no different than other lotto software systems and the system is just common stuff you can get free yourself online.

All of these past drawn lottery numbers software systems must be created by the same person or persons. They all mislead you by claiming huge win rates but they win nothing! Oh, and you can forget about getting a refund they lie, you will be told to get it from the seller who is a marketer selling a B.S system, so No Refunds even though it says Guaranteed Refund!

I have been told not to buy any other lottery software systems, they all are the same and I now know that is true! The Lottery Crusher System cost me a lot of losing lottery tickets plus the cost of the system, yes I am a SUCKER!

I will not give up as I want to win the lottery bad. I have now done my research and read many reviews and it seems the two best lotto systems in the entire world are the Lotto Guy System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels. I will try one or both of these systems, as soon as I save some cash to play lotto. I noticed right off the bat both of these systems are not sold through clickbank, that is one of the reasons I will try them, as lottery review sites are saying stay away from any systems sold through clickbank, or other payment processors with affiliates that can sell gambling products, this is a magnet for con artists.

Here is a few things you should know. I emailed Lottery Crusher with some questions, got NO REPLIES! I emailed the Lotto Guy System and these people are indeed fast to reply, polite and very knowledgeable. I wish I had done my homework before buying the Lottery Crusher System, I would have saved a bundle, well, hopefully I can help you save some money by my mistakes.

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