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#1 2015-08-10 04:28:18


Win The Lottery By Casting Spells Really Sounds Fishy

If you want to get a raise at work or win the lottery - do you need a spell?  Do you need some hocus pocus to find a good job?  Every day we do things that require our own initiative, our own 'magic' to make it work.  I play the lottery often and recently I found this forum as I was researching lottery systems to use to increase my own odds at winning.  This was my own initiative to make more luck for myself to win, a strategy to make something happen for myself.  So as I am looking through all the 'scientific' strategies, and wheels that make your lottery number combinations, I receive an email from someone calling themselves "Spell Caster" that says will work a spell for you to win...of course at a cost whaaaaaaaat????  A spell to make you win the lottery? Sounds so ridiculous and scheming.

When I was a teenage girl, a little group of us did love spells and good luck charms and found out much to our disappointment, that no spell that we did or goofy good luck charm ever worked the way we wanted.  Our Prince Charming never came to us declaring his undying love right after he got off football field.  I really can't believe that people will fall for this mumbo gumbo and pay this Warlock spell maker money for a lottery spell.  However, I will stand corrected if any of you have used this and won (need proof if so) - somehow I don't think you would be reading this if you have won and are on a private, tropical island somewhere.  Here in Ohio, they are a very trusting folks and may fork over their hard earned money to someone in hopes that they will work their magic for them thinking it may be true. Also, why would someone that says just won over 107 million using spells take the time to write a review for the person that created the so called magic spell for the win?  Wouldn't you give that person a whole bunch of money and they wouldn't even be on the internet anymore advertising their cauldron full of lies?   Sorry but I am so skeptical, but I think playing carefully figured out combinations of powerball numbers sounds more realistic to me than the Universal Powers coming and making your lotto ticket miraculously be the one that wins.  If that was the case I would implore the Universe for a high metabolism so I would never have to diet again ... now that's winning!!! LOL !!!

let me know your thoughts and feelings on the matter of lottery spells and if you received a similar email about lottery and casting spells to win big. Personally I think it is a waste. In the mean time I'll go and find my black cat and pointy hat from last halloween and chant around my pot roast to see if I can get that winning powerball combination should work about the same.

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#2 2015-08-18 16:02:56


Re: Win The Lottery By Casting Spells Really Sounds Fishy

Not A Chance! Just think about it for one minute. If casting spells worked to win the lottery it would have caught on long ago and we would all be using it today. Even the medical profession would just cast a get well spell and off you go, sorry but it's not happening.

I have never heard nonsense such as winning the lottery by spells and if this person won the lottery for  millions did they show real proof? I'm betting they did not. So this person won big and is taking the time to send people emails telling of their great fortune and how you can have the same......really fishy.....who does that. I'm sure if that person actually won it was by luck or by using a really good lottery system which is the only strategy that helps you win, nothing else.

I don't mean to be mean, but if you fall for nonsense like this thinking you are going to be a "big lottery winner" you are not thinking. Use only what can really help you, leave the spells where they belong in movies and fairy tails.


#3 2015-08-24 04:34:55


Re: Win The Lottery By Casting Spells Really Sounds Fishy

Hey People.......I think I just got an email or should say two emails regarding this spell caster thing. Got one in my gmail and another in my business email.

In one email the person calls them self one name and the other email the person calls them self a different name all together, but still trying to sell/advertise this spell caster garbage saying he (DR, UGUEL) will cast a spell for a cost so you can win the lottery. Both of these people who sent the emails state they both have won $107 Million by spells........looks and sounds fishy to me, so I agree with Noreen on this issue.

No proof of course......where is the winning lottery tickets? All just nonsense!

Any door knob could ask for a fee and will give you the winning lottery numbers, this of course will all be based on the many testimonials by made up people. The spells are also for love, money and so on, so if you give out silly spells or advice on lottery numbers to lets say 100 people, some of those people will have some luck and of course relate it to the lottery spell or other. Still 99 people from that group did not get any results, see what I mean? All just con stuff has no value at all!

I have been playing the lottery for many years.......tried just about everything, only using a good lottery system has improve my success! If astrology, spells, magic, psychics and so on were giving high volumes of success, it would be made world wide news. We all would be using these methods.

This is just good old fashion marketing......sending out spam emails stating outrageous lottery winning to catch ones attention. The only spell that is working here is not for winning the lottery, but rather to persuade people to buy hope making the seller money nothing more. Only use proven methods to help yourself better your chances to win the lottery, leave the rest of the B.S in the garbage where it belongs.

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