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#1 2015-09-11 00:47:34


Leaked Code Could Demolish Entire U.S. Lotto Industry

received an email in regards to the lottery.......a supposed leaked code of some kind that is supposed to demolish the entire U.S lottery.

Then I find out it is a lottery system claiming there are secret codes/patterns that will win you the lottery multiple times monthly. Then states this S.E.C.R.E.T if leaked, could demolish the
entire U.S. lotto industry so get it fast an use it while you can.

This is just another BOGUS lottery seller/marketer selling some screwball system, it is completely false!!!!!!!!! I know there was another system a while back that stated leaded code cracks the lottery wide open, it was a big lie just to sucker people in. Do not fall for this CRAP!!!! Only use real proven winning systems that have been proven legit and never fall for these crappy systems marketers are selling though click bank.....all garbage!!!!!!

If anybody has more info concerning this BOGUS system or any others (if not already reviewed on this forum) please post so people can be alerted!!!!

Anybody with an once of brain matter should know this type of nonsense is not possible, there are no such codes that could be leaked. This is marker false advertising Bull Crap to make something sound soooo special when it nothing.......all B.S to steal your money that's the real hidden system. Lie, trick people, take their money and laugh at the dummies that fell for it. Thanks to click bank more and more of these shady lottery systems are seen poping up, don't they screen anything, totally ridiculous!!!!

Possibly the admin of this forum could add this B.S new lottery system to the bad lottery system section.


#2 2017-09-03 05:34:50


Re: Leaked Code Could Demolish Entire U.S. Lotto Industry

Totally stupid!!! There is no such code to win the lottery and hopefully not many people fell for this sham!


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