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This is only one bad review out of many we have received about Win Lotto Systems. People need to be aware.

Actual persons email/review sent into us.

I receive emails from Lottery-Guy.com.  This person seems honest and he recommends Win Lotto Systems on his website, a software that I did not know existed beforehand.

Based on his recommendation, I purchased the captioned software and I believed the hype concerning the guarantees: full refund or 100$ cash if system does not perform as promised.

I followed the recommendations and the system did not perform as promised.

When I requested the 100$ cash guarantee, the vendor refused for a reason that I do not understand because I followed his recommendations found in his e-book that accompany the software and I supplied the scans of tickets purchased as proof as required.

The vendor specifies in his "Win Big by Winning Small First" documentation: "the first step to your Winlottosystem is to determine your budget."  My budget is 20$ a week.

Again, according to his own documentation: "Please note, if your budget does not allow you to play as regularly as you would like, you are strongly recommended to
only play properly every two weeks or once a month. To adopt any other strategy will waste your money."  At a minimum, to play properly as he says, you must purchase 49 tickets to play a complete system as he recommends.

Since I do not like to waste money, that is exactly what I did, I did not play every week.  However, I went over my budget using his system.  In fact, for an eight week period I spent more than 215$ which is more than my 20$/week budget.

I corresponded with the vendor numerous times, with delays due to him purportedly being on vacation, and eventually I offered that he refund me the purchase price.  He accepted and suggested that I proceed via his payment service Clickbank but suggested that if it had been more than 60 days from purchase (which it was as he well knew) they may not accept to refund me.  I had not purchased the software via Clickbank because I could not complete the transaction.  Instead, we had agreed that I would pay him directly via his Paypal account.

When I reminded him that I had paid via Paypal and requested a refund by Paypal, he stopped answering my emails.

This is why I say that it is a SCAM.  He advertises guarantees, but when it comes time to pay them, you get stonewalled and get false excuses and eventually get empty promises.

To add insult to injury, I reported this situation to Lottery-Guy.com and asked him to stop recommending a SCAM artist.  He replied to my email defending this vendor and furthermore seemed to have more information on hand than I had supplied in reference to my specific case.  They seem to be in cahoots together and they may even be the same person for all I know.  Anyway, he does not intend to stop recommending this scam artist.

I no longer trust Win Lotto Systems nor Lottery-Guy.com and I have unsubscribed from his emails.

I do not wish my name or email address to be public.

This and many other similar bad reviews show that the actual owner of Win Lotto Systems is not a professor at all, the owner seems to be the owner of a lottery review forum Lottery-Guy.com and or lottosystemsinfo.com we believe his real name is Mark Waterhouse, he is simply a marketer.

Win Lotto Systems does not produce great winning results, just lots of hype! Also fooling people is down right shady!

PM me if would like to be moved/added over to our new Lottery System Reviews The Truth

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Finally this Win Lotto Systems is in the right category it was never a good winning system to begin with.

The Win Lotto System has no real legit winners I can Find and I looked hard. I also have tested this software system and won nothing.

The owner is NOT a professor that is all just made up, the real owner is shady marketer who hides his real name and the fact he sells and owns the system. First was selling the system out of click bank as an affiliate seller now switched over to a different sellers market place selling Win Lotto System through them jvzoo.com as an affiliate.

If you allow me I will post his whois showing who he really is and his link to ownership of Win Lotto Systems, why this fool hides his name and lies to people on his forums lotteryguy.com/lgblog/lottery-system-reviews/and lottosystemsinfo.com/lotto-system-reviews is beyond me, he is caught red handed.

On Lottery-Guy forum told (lied) to people saying to buy Win Lotto Systems as it was the best system in his professional advice. Little did most people know the links he has for Win Lotto Systems are affiliate links, first from click bank now from jvzoo.com, so he pushes you to what he sells and makes money from that's his gimmick. He is no lottery expert and Win Lotto Systems is not a good winning system, it the same as all the other poor winning lottery software type systems.

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Yep, it sure looks like the old CB affiliate links are removed and replace with jvzoo affiliate links.

This is most likely due to all the complaints CB has received about this system. I took a peek at the other review site in question and low and behold same affiliate links from jvzoo. Both review sites changed at same time very fishy indeed. This dude has been caught!!

He states on all his phony reviews that no strategy works, all systems are useless, except of course good ole Win Lotto Systems which basically is the same type strategy about 10 other lottery software systems are using - what a crock of s**t people need to beware of this guy, pass this on so people are not fooled by his shady tactics. If click bank gave him the boot there are a hell of a lot more bad reviews and complaints.

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People are starting to report this system for what it is, nothing special. I hope someone goes after the seller and forces him to pay back all who he has fooled.


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Nathanpa wrote:

People are starting to report this system for what it is, nothing special. I hope someone goes after the seller and forces him to pay back all who he has fooled.

I agree with you 100%


Re: Win Lotto Systems Bad User Review

If I had not read and seen this for myself, people such as myself would be non the wiser as to what this guy is doing. He has been exposed now on this forum and other forums as well. He being the owner/admin of forum Lottery-Guy.com is indeed the owner/creator/seller of the system called Win Lotto Systems.

Apparently he is now selling said system out of another market place JVZOO and people should report this guy to JVZOO and let them know hew is tricking people on his forum into thinking he just recommends this Win Lotto Systems, so he looks like has nothing to do with it except that, he is the actual owner and sells system under the false pretenses (behavior intended to deceive others) that system is created by a professor and so on. Based on many reviews the system sucks anyways!

The sad part is this guy is running a lottery system review site and is claiming nearly all lottery systems are bad or useless except of course the ones that he makes money from, those are A-OK! What a con job this guy is doing, he needs to be report on. Send complaints to his host tell then the con job he is using his websites/forums for, also send complaints to JVZOO.com let them know he is fooling people into buying this Win Lotto Systems, the internet does not need more of these crooks.

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I certainly would not trust this system for many reasons.

1- This system is connected with owner of a shady lottery systems review site.

2- There is No Professor who created this false system, just a shady marketer.

3- Many complaints about this system got it banned from Clickbank (now selling through JVZoo) So beware!

4- The system wins nothing, it's a complete waste of time and money.

5- System allows affiliates to sell for commissions, which is a clear sign of a bogus system.

6- System has no real legit winners using it.