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#1 2013-03-13 05:19:03


Formula 1 Lotto Software Busted!

Listen to this! Just found out the Formula 1 Lotto System has been reported to the FTC by a number of people, as of course it is a false claims system using big false advertising to get rich off off people who want to win lotto. Not developed by an MIT professor, just a con artist marketer, selling through click bank which also should be reported to the authorities as has been supporting these bogus system making profit from them.

Any lottery system that sells through places as click bank will have affiliates selling it, this is a big red flag to not buy that system it will most likely be fake! Once thought good systems are now being reported as possible scams as:

1-Formula 1 Lotto System
2-Silver Lotto System
3-Lottery Circle System
4-Lotto Black book
5- Win Lotto Systems
6- Lottery Crusher
7- Lotto Payload
8-Lotto Cash Machine

plus many others

Systems that were reported and have now vanished are:

1-Lottery Phenomenon
2- Mark Bower Lottery System
3-Lotto Strategies For Winners

and soon to be added to this list by my sources is the Formula 1 Lotto System.

Pass this info on to all you know so they do not get taken, stick with real winning systems as:

Lotto Guy Lottery System

Smart Play Lotto Wheels

Gail Howard System

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