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How To Join The Forum And Posting Procedure

Do to the high rate of spammers joining the forum and posting their advertising and affiliate links, we no longer will have open registration. If you want to join the forum you will have to request it by email to or by invite only from an existing member. General registration is closed at this time.

We will only be accepting new members from time to time and would need a User Name, Password and email address from you to register you. We would then contact you to let you know you have been accepted.

Again due to the high rate of spammers, if accepted to join the forum you would have to send us an email telling use what you wish to post and where to post it (Until you are a trusted member).

Example: 1-Post Title ( Which Lottery System Works Best?)
               2-Category (Lottery System News under Lottery Software systems Flooding the Market etc)

               3-Post Content ( Write what you want to say, we will post it. We will remove any bad language, links we do not approve etc and may correct your spelling.)

Sorry it has to be this way, but some people just do not listen and follow the rules.

PM me if would like to be moved/added over to our new Lottery System Reviews The Truth


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