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#1 2012-11-01 06:49:13


Yes! Very poor system poss scam

I also would not recommend this system as way to many bad reviews.


#2 2013-06-27 08:34:14


Re: Yes! Very poor system poss scam

I Remember seeing this system, about the guy who worked with people
in NASA and who discovered how to make tons of money with the lottery.

This system was proven a fake system, tons of lies and false advertising, just check out any lottery review site they warn you about this Lottery Master Formula B.S system. Totally Ridiculous Crap!


#3 2013-07-29 00:12:45


Re: Yes! Very poor system poss scam

The supposed creator of this Lottery Master Formula System Garry, says he won $250K with his "Lottery Master Formula" secret system, yet there is no solid proof and was found using fake testimonials. All others who use the system say it sucks!

Just a waste of money. I have written articles in the past pointing all of this nonsense about the claims of this system and many others, just marketers selling bogus systems. Stick with real winning system that have no affiliates that can sell them, then there is no need to lie!

Garry won $250K with his "Lottery Master Formula" secret system, OK Garry G SHOW ME THE PROOF! I have emailed you asking for proof, why No Reply? Oh I See All A Crock! I guess blocking off your name on your supposed winning ticket is for what? So people not know who the real lottery winner is as there is no need to hide your name it would be posted by lottery game officials, just does not add up.

No Real Winners
No Lottery Winner Garry G
No Replies To Emails For Proof
Other sites report (proved) fake photos, cheques, on your sales page

All in all seems like a great system to use people, This System Is Totally A Joke!

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#4 2013-08-22 03:28:55

Jessica L

Re: Yes! Very poor system poss scam

This is the email I received about this LotteryMasterFormula

Hi Jessica,

In the link'll
discover how to win the lottery with just

5 tickets Or LESS... for $97

This is outrageous!

When I opened up this email to sales site for LotteryMasterFormula, my computer went funny, cleaned it and found it gave me 2 registry problems, thanks Garry G for giving my computer a problem, I'll be sure to let others know.

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#5 2014-04-21 03:36:51


Re: Yes! Very poor system poss scam

Lets Face It, The fortunes Promised To You By Most All These Lottery Programs Are Totally Untrue Your Not Getting The Results You Want......And Never Will.

Trust Only The Programs That Other Users Recommend And Only The Programs That Cannot Be Sold By Affiliates For Commissions, Then You Know The Program Is For Real.

Just Use Some Common Sense!


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