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#1 2012-10-17 19:20:28

George Shoo

Lotto Black Book Is A SHAM!

I also tried this Black Book System thinking it may be for real. No, I was wrong again the system is a SHAM!Be warned you will get NO REFUND! ALL LIES!


#2 2013-07-04 22:51:02


Re: Lotto Black Book Is A SHAM!

I can tell you this fact, many people have indeed complained about the Lottery Black Book. I attempted to use the system a while back and found it particularly confusing in a bad way. it’s probably the most confusing system I have ever tried, does not make god sense at all, it's nothing but mumbo jumbo and this from a supposed Professor of math, seriously crappy stuff!
This is most likely why people are very disappointment in this expensive system, it is really nothing, just a ploy by whoever the real system owner really is to make a buck off of us.

If you think about it, why are all of these ridiculous systems being allowed to sell through Click Bank Market Place? Something is very wrong!


#3 2014-05-09 17:07:53


Re: Lotto Black Book Is A SHAM!

It seems to be quite obvious this lottery black book is not what it is advertised to be. Seems there are far to many people complaining abouit system is not real, to hard to understand, or simply does nothing to help people win.

Obviously the system is a farse, designed as an mlm type program using dishonest misleading advertising.

Seriously, Google should set these type of programs way back in the search results and put honest programs to the forefront.

Anti Virus at its best


#4 2014-07-25 05:01:25


Re: Lotto Black Book Is A SHAM!

The Lotto Black Book Formula Proved To Me Nothing At All!!!

This is what i received in a reply inquiring about this system (this happened over a year ago)

The Lotto Black Book is a secret winning system devised by mathematics professor and lottery winning expert Larry Blair. Blair conceived this system to prove to others that there are viable tactics which that can be applied to playing lotteries to increase the chances of winning success. This system is to prove to those who thought otherwise and that how probable it is when you are able to win a lottery and does not just simply depend on a occasional stroke of good luck. The economic times are bearing down upon many people the world over and this system is what you need to change that. How do you determine that it is actually for real, you need to try it and see for yourself.

Since this mathematics professor claimed to have won 3 lottery jackpots, i requested to see the proof of this. After this request was made all contact stopped, this person was not for real and could not show even the slightest bit of proof of any lottery winnings. I did not know at the time just how phony this system really was until i started reading reviews by others and review sites pointing out all of the lies associated with this Lotto Black Book.

Systems such as this one very much concern me as to how many were taken in by this person claiming to be Larry Blair math professor, whoever he or she may really be. my honest opinion about this system is, it is a con, so just be aware of this and proceed at your own risk!

Your credit card information etc could be seriously at risk, I personally would not take the chance. If a system has been shown not just by one or two reviews to be untrustworthy, but tons of reviews that should be your cue to move on to better material.

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#5 2014-08-04 03:59:10

P Guppie

Re: Lotto Black Book Is A SHAM!

Most all reviews on this system show it is not worth using and is a SHOCKING waste of money and time. So why even bother, the only reviews that say the lotto black book is a good system is the people selling it. The whole scenario around this system is a complete lie. There is no professor, no jackpot winnings, no being shot in leg for system secret, ALL COMPLETE B.S!!!

I hope this forum stays up for a long time so others can read real reviews and will not get taken in by this seriously full of crap system.


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