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Topic: Mark Bower Lottery System Is Useless!

Do not be fooled by this silly misleading lottery system, there are no real reviews just affiliates reviews that say it is good. All people that have really used the system give it a very BAD review. Does not work to win the lottery and is another useless system just copied and re-sold under a different name.

Up-Date: (I DID WARN PEOPLE ABOUT THIS SYSTEM) The Mark Bower Lottery System is now GONE! Shut down for being a scam system! I warned people about this system for the last year or so and now gone along with all the money people spent for the system. I am predicting at least 10 more systems will be caught in the same fashion in the near future.


Re: Mark Bower Lottery System Is Useless!

I am now here on this forum seeing the systems I used. This Mark Bower is the one I try and get no results with.

System went away, no refund for me. I am frustrated with now must try another system, but what will be outcome this time? Will review and choose more wisely for next time.


Re: Mark Bower Lottery System Is Useless!

The Mark Bower System is gone!! System just suddenly gone all members lost out, lost there money.

The Mark Bower Lottery System or also known as winning the lottery in three steps system, made very big claims it will give you big winning results, but did it really work as advertised? No Way! If you were a member just take a good look back at the silly hype on that systems sales page with the stupid scenario of stating the system is forcing big lotteries to hire 200 mathematicians as the system wins the lottery so well, oh really, I have never found any people who won a single cent with this system.

This system was so obviously just a bunch of B.S, this kind of shady selling tactic seems to be the big thing marketers use these days. Never get a system if affiliates can sell it as the system will be a total farse!

I really do like this forum, no affiliates allowed, all reviews are real for a change.


Re: Mark Bower Lottery System Is Useless!

You must seriously look at a system to see if sounds way to far fetched. Looking back at his Mark Bower System you could tell immediately the system was a farce, just read the nonsense it claims.

Forcing the big lotteries to fight against it, making you think it is a great winning system. Lots of people fell for it and found out it was all lies. I was told way back back if a system has provisions for affiliates to sell it, the system is nonsense and wins nothing, which was all true!

Now many forums such as this forum warn you against these types of useless, gimmick systems, making it easy to avoid them. Only trust systems that have no affiliates, there are way fewer of these systems around as they are the real true winning systems.

Looking on a few reputable forums I see they like the Lotto Guy Lottery System, Smart Luck and Smart Play Lotto Wheels System. I see these as the top systems to use as they have no affiliates and recent poll votes show real people have won using these systems. If I do re-call correctly the top vote was in order of, Lotto Guy System, Smart Play Lotto Wheels, Smart Luck, then another system I cannot recall, but you see what I am meaning. Stick with the reputable systems, do not fall for stupid crap!


Re: Mark Bower Lottery System Is Useless!

Seriously! At one time was this close to trying this program. For some strange reason just felt wrong and decided to wait and see what other users felt.

Now program is gone! WOW!!!

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Re: Mark Bower Lottery System Is Useless!

Gee! What a surprise, another bogus lottery software system that fooled tons of people now gone along with all members money and they have no system. I guess there are suckers that fall for anything.....next time read the truth.....all software systems are obsolete, they give you nothing you can actually use that is not already completely free.

Stick with NONE SOFTWARE systems, these will not state they are software, means it is not a software system. These are the only legit lottery systems.

See my signature below for real legit lottery systems that are NONE SOFTWARE and do actually work!!

Feel free to visit this great system Lotto Guy Lottery System their main websites are https://lottoguy.net/wp/ or http://www.tiptopwebsite.com/lotto