Topic: Pure BOGUS System!

what is wrong with these con artist sellers? This piece of garbage system tells you to dream to win your lottery, what a crock! I feel sorry for the people that were ripped off by this system and I hope you reported it to the proper authorities.

Lotto Black Book Is Busted All Lies!!!!!!
http://ikillspammers.blogspot.ca/2011/1 … etely.html


Re: Pure BOGUS System!

Totally ridiculous system, dream to win the lotto WTF!


Re: Pure BOGUS System!

There is no logic to this system. Should not be called a system as it has no real value for winning lotto.


Re: Pure BOGUS System!

If a lottery system is just to dream i can easily do this myself......to pay for such a thing would be ridiculous.


Re: Pure BOGUS System!

Oh ya pure fake system. I do believe this system is now gone, most likely caught and reported as being bogus.