Topic: This Dishonest Lottery System Has Disappeared

Yes, you are correct this system has just vanished along with all users money. Rumor has it it was owned by Paul Connor and has just resurfaced under another name. Of course all of these systems that are bogus are sold through ClickBank best to avoid any system that has affiliates sellling it. Why would a good winning system need affiliates to sell it?


Re: This Dishonest Lottery System Has Disappeared

I actually tried to warn people this system was a scam plus many others. It is too bad most people never listen until it is to late.

You are right, never buy a system or any gambling product if soldthrough a Clickbank sales page, that is a huge red flag, saying DO NOT BUY!


Re: This Dishonest Lottery System Has Disappeared

I am sure glad i did not fall for this system, seemed real, but at same time kinda suspect.

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Re: This Dishonest Lottery System Has Disappeared

Very glad I was not one of the un-lucky people who fell for this system. It was sold through click bank, do they not even care about there quality of programs/products they support, should make you think about how many other programs are the same song and dance.


Re: This Dishonest Lottery System Has Disappeared

Get this...this systems owner was telling all that he was dying from I believe was cancer so some fatal sickness and wanted to have his system help others win it big like it did for him, BUT! Now get this...he was as he says giving the system away at a cost of I believe right around $100.00. That is absurd...the system was useless as reported by many and to top it all off the dying from cancer to get sympathy from all was also a lie!!! Paying $100.00 is not giving it away, he was a dishonest seller selling a foolish system.

This was simply a greasy greedy marketer who B.S'd his way out of who knows how many peoples hard earned money.....

Never and I mean never would I buy a lottery system selling from any market place like clickbank, JVZoo and any others that allow this garbage - real honest systems would never sell through, so look for that clue to separate the good systems from the bad systems.


Re: This Dishonest Lottery System Has Disappeared

I am wondering how many fell for this guys con job....even if has disappeared....cons always do it again to make money, just know that.