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Topic: Lottery Circle System or Lotto Guy Lottery System Review

If some of you are still not clear about the Lottery Circle Software system and if you should try it or not, I can tell you right now it's a junky system that is misleading people. Been reading articles and posts by others who have tested the Lottery Circle System and the usual comment is, it's "junk", not worth using.

I came across a few articles that were informing people about this lotto software system developed by Ace Lee and what they could expect from using it. Did you know that most all lottery systems including Ace Lee's Lottery Circle are just info you can find free online, it's true! Only use systems developed by real experts or you will go no where playing any lotto game.

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Re: Lottery Circle System or Lotto Guy Lottery System Review

Looks to me the Lotto Guy Lottery System is a superior well respected system, I think the choice between the two is obvious.

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