Topic: System does not work!

This Beat The Lotto system does not work anywhere near as it say when you buy it. I could not get a refund even though seller says I have 60 days to do this and it was only 35 days in. I wish I had found this review form before I lost my money. Others be warned!


Re: System does not work!

Seems this particular lottery system has been around since the beginning of time lol and still I cannot find any users of this system that have won using it.

This seems to be the case with many of these systems, where are all of the winners the system claims to have had? I know a few systems have shown real proof, so you know they are sound, but most are MLM type products selling always with a click bank sales page.

I would avoid any system that is MLM like, it is not going to be a real system, just look at all the systems on this forum, only a small group of them are for real.

I am very glad I found this form, the real truth about systems is hard to find.


Re: System does not work!

I guess it would be fair to say the the system Beat The Lotto, does not beat the lotto at all.


Re: System does not work!

This system started way back and right from the get go got tons of bad reviews, it's junk!!!!