Topic: Silver Lotto System Sucks!

I am warning all to be very careful not to buy any lottery lottery systems or publishing material from selller Ken Silver. I was taken for my money, his stupid lottery system wins you nothing, no refunds, no email replies. He sells his products through clickbank, they told me I must get my guaranteed refund from him the seller, Ken Silver. Found other people on scam report saying Ken Silver is a big scammer also, be careful! Bad Seller!


Re: Silver Lotto System Sucks!

Yes I agree the system is a sham. It is just used to extract money from the unsuspecting willing to give it to them. I know cause I bought into it myself. It does use good marketing techniques to draw us fools in though. BUT WHEN I TRIED TO ASK FOR THE REFUND, I WAS TOLD THAT I DO NOT APPLY MYSELF ENOUGH AND TO USE THE SYSTEM FOR 60 DAYS IN ORDER TO SEE RESULTS. So not refund GUARANTEED. I now see more and people putting in complaints on this Ken Silver, he will be charged with fraud eventually.


Re: Silver Lotto System Sucks!

Nothing but a crock!!!! Never heard anything good yet about this system....every review site says to use it at your own risk. Even one lady who purchased his e-books as also states he is a publisher and owns his own publishing company was taken for a ride. Called the authorities in New Zealand gave the name of the publishing company that he stated he owned, to her surprise there was no such company...all a CROCK!