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Hey people, do not bother with this dumbass system, my god these con sellers are selling every piece of crap system they can make up to sell to suckers like me.


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I guess this lottery checkmate system goes on the scenario that chest players are smart, so a system created by one will win the lottery.

I find it very funny that all these systems stated that are created by lottery experts, professors, chest players, mathematicians and the list goes on never show any real proof of lottery winnings and the ones that have, were found to be faked.

I also read that most of these lottery systems have some kind of affiliate marketing program, which to me is very strange if the actual system has won big lottery money by the creator of the system. That turns the system into a MLM type product, now does not need to be real. This is where I suspect all the money is made, not by winning the lottery which is what most people buy the system for.


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Why would this person do this, selling such idiotic program with stupid ploy. There is no reasoning behind this system, all as you say made up out of thin air, I can do same if wish, but still won't help me win my lotto game.


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Very funny sales tactic used by this seller of the lottery checkmate system, who would fall for this nonsense?

Of course this system is not for real, why would you think just because a system was put together by a chess player that it can win lottery games? This seller does not even back up his claims of winning he says he receives, all just talk.

If you go to just about any other lottery system review site, you will see they also do not recommend the system. Here are a few sites I found


http://lottoluck.wefacts.com/wp/lottery … ews-guide/


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I am a Chess player also, so maybe i can too be lottery system designer Ha Ha!


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Chess player PLEASE! what nonsense. This is all balony, this person chess player says he won lots of times yet nothing to show real proof. Other reviews sites state cannot find any real people who have used this system and won. So there is no winners and there is no winnings by the system creator, so why even bother looking at such rubbish!

I see others stating if a system has affiliates selling the system it is most likely not a good system and I agree with this 100%. There are other systems that are getting very good reports and are not allowing affiliates to sell their systems. Now to me, that seems more logical as a good winning system, does not need the affiliates to make money as system wins money, just think about it!

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I seriously had a big laugh attack reading the super silly to the point of shear ridiculousness of this lottery system. What is next, a pro bowler devises a system, a magician creates a system? When does the B.S stop flowing any person with common sense would see right through this phony stuff. Real systems are made by pro's and as far as I can tell there are only a few that fall into this category.


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I agree this so called system sounds kinda goofy, I think just using my own way is most likely much better and costs nothing.