Topic: formula 1 system BLOODY JUNK!

hi try the formula 1 system ive had this now for 3 months now and have not WON a thing to me this is very very clever........take in money for built up nonsense.

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Re: formula 1 system BLOODY JUNK!

This system is pure Grabage! It is not a scam, the system is just useless. If they offer a refund and do not honor it, then it is a scam which people are reporting.

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Re: formula 1 system BLOODY JUNK!

Thanks for the heads up on this system. Was thinking about trying but not now.


Re: formula 1 system BLOODY JUNK!

I used the Formula 1 System, it was useless, won nothing with it.


Re: formula 1 system BLOODY JUNK!

Formula 1 lotto is just another very common useless lottery software system. It was most certaintly not put together by an MIT Professor, that is a huge LIE!

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Re: formula 1 system BLOODY JUNK!

Here is very good article or real review on the Formula 1 Lotto system.

Formula 1 Lotto System Nothing Special! http://lottoreview.lottologic.net/wp/fo … g-special/

I guess this lotto system is a scam! Not just a useless system.

Do you workout? Need some advice?


Re: formula 1 system BLOODY JUNK!

Thanks to all who have posted this information I would have never known otherwise. Almost bought Formula One Lotto, seemed ok, should have known sounded to good to be true.


Re: formula 1 system BLOODY JUNK!

Have you ever wondered how in the Heck some of these lotto systems actually make money? In the past two months I've seen a lot of advertising going around and it's sad that most people assume that these systems are going to make money for them.

The truth that no one seems to be talking about is, that its less likely a system will make money for you if it makes ridiculous claims. The more more sensible sounding systems seem to be the systems that are working best, which makes complete sense to me.

How many of these systems like the Formula 1 Lotto System state they have been created by some type of professor? Seems to me there are quite a few, yet all of these systems are not winning people a single penny. If a professor created a system it would be backed up by all of that professors credentials.

I have now found 4 review sites all reporting this Formula 1 System is B.S that should be a big clue right there.


Re: formula 1 system BLOODY JUNK!

These are time wasters, high priced junk products, and just plain CRAP


Re: formula 1 system BLOODY JUNK!

Been doing a lot of reading and research about these winning systems, found out just as people say on this forum, formula 1 lotto system is not for real.

I tried to contact and ask some questions and they did not reply, looks even more shady to not answer my questions.


Re: formula 1 system BLOODY JUNK!

Having now spent my money foolishly trying a few of these systems including this system, I can now see why people are sceptical as to which systems are worth using. From now on only going to use the recommended systems by the majority and now know to stay far away from systems that can have affiliates promote, sell and earn commissions from, as it is now widely known that those types of programs are for suckers like me!

I'm certainly learning alot on this forum, glad I joined even though it took a while.


Re: formula 1 system BLOODY JUNK!

I think a real professor would not waste his or hers time with a lottery system to sell, just a common sense thingy.


Re: formula 1 system BLOODY JUNK!

No real Professor would be selling a stupid lottery system, very obvious it a shame system.

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