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Topic: Lottery System Review Site lottoexposed.com Is Misleading People

I want to bring this silly lottery system review site called lottoexposed.com to your attention.

The reason I bring this review site to this forums attention, is it also give reviews about various lottery systems and if they are worth using or not! Only to my surprise they put down pretty well all lottery systems even the top winning lottery systems like the Lotto Guy Lottery System.

They tell you info about systems such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System not being worth using according to them, but in their reviews they do not even know what the system is or how it works. They also refer to the Lotto Guy Lottery system as being software when it is not a software system, again they do not even know the system how are they justifying this review??? Then they attack why they do not accept any more testimonial reviews saying it is stupid. Well no it's not stupid it is actually the "law" I guess these people are not aware of this (FTC Astroturfing Guidelines (Sec 255.5) so in fact this is the only legitimate lottery system who actually follows and obeys the law, yet they mention nothing of this fact. Do not trust silly stupid review sites who are writing about every lottery system pointing out ridiculous facts that are not true, they are obviously trying to sway people away from systems/programs they have nothing to do with and push you to systems/lottery services/programs they do have something to do with (make money from), most all the reviews are do are un-researched reviews by lottoexposed.com nothing more. 

Now this is not the only lottery system they are attacking I just point this particular system (Lotto Guy Lottery System) as I do use and do highly recommend this system and I take it as a great insult as I use the system as well as many others and know it works very well. Hate seeing bogus review sites spreading false damaging information, really pisses me off!

The owner (writer) of lottoexposed.com is Nick Silver who is a free lance writer and is reported as a shady reviewer. I believe this person is the owner of other shady forums using different names. He hides his real identity that in itself is very shady!!!!!!

This lottery system review site lottoexposed.com only tells you that a system, product or service is good if has some benefit to them, this is very damaging to others systems that are actually good and I can see a nice lawsuit coming down the road against this Nick Silver/lottoexposed.


Re: Lottery System Review Site lottoexposed.com Is Misleading People

What ever happened to good ol honesty? The internet is jam full of misleading review sites that straight out lie.

I just browsed the review site in question and was disgusted at the way they attack systems and services. Nick Silver gives is opinion/review on various systems and lottery services always bad mouthing every little detail that has nothing to do with how good or bad the service actually is. What kind of review site does this type of crap, never gives any of the Good Points of a system or lottery service.......their reviews are NOT UN-BIASED.

Read comments on a few systems that I have personally tried, their review of that system was soooooo far off, not even an intelligent review. Some reviews I noticed seem to be written without any knowledge of the system or service, how is being Honest?

Also found other people stating Nick Silver was a joke and shady marketer. It's obvious the whole review site is a farse and is very damaging to lottery systems and lottery services that are in fact very good. The review site seems to be based from the UK which raises my suspicion even more so as found 2 other phony lottery review sites also based out of the UK.


Re: Lottery System Review Site lottoexposed.com Is Misleading People

That forum is outrageous. I have used some products/services they put down, only the product /service was very good. That forum is foolish, their reviews are stupid and are not backed by anything, just there own made up opinions. Watch, they will be sued by many businesses...

I will inform others to relay this lottoexposed info...they themselves have now been exposed as full of un-truths.


Re: Lottery System Review Site lottoexposed.com Is Misleading People

I just had a look around that forum, I would say they are a joke! Read a few reviews on come systems/business I have used and their review is totally wrong! They bash all programs, except ones they are with, which is a red flag and clear sign of a corrupt review forum, no doubt about it. They let anyone post a comment, so any yahoo can just bash a program for any reason which can harm a company or program. I even saw posts stating what the review said was incorrect, yet the forum owner/owners changed nothing, they don't care if they hurt a business. The forum is run by fools! I can see where fake comments are posted on various programs just to stir up a wave....I really hate places that do this type of B.S hope legal action is taken against them soon.


Re: Lottery System Review Site lottoexposed.com Is Misleading People

Agreed, I just reviewed a few programs on that forum lottoexposed and I am appalled at what they write about most every program, saying nasty things to pick them apart when not deserved at all! Obviously a shady forum to say the least, I hope that someone takes legal action against them for their insulting reviews that have no other intention but to harm a business. They attack everything they can trying to put down the program etc. They even attacked the spelling, the font on a website saying how can this program be legit just because a spelling error or the font used, or the design of website, which has nothing to do with the actual program being bad at all. I see they know very little about the programs they attack, they are doing it just to get views and content.

Lottoexposed is a seriously disgraceful forum and would never believe the stupidity of what their reviews say.


Re: Lottery System Review Site lottoexposed.com Is Misleading People

Just visited that forum and all I can say is...the forum looks dishonest. Tons of negative posts attacking systems and products/business with little knowledge of said system/product/business. You can tell the people who run it are all about bashing everything except their stuff they sell or involved with.

Isn't it crazy how many of these forums are pure dishonest......sickens me!


Re: Lottery System Review Site lottoexposed.com Is Misleading People

This lottoexposed is a horrible forum, very bad people who lie and attack you. I made a comment of a particular system and was insulted numerous times by the owners and various others. The forum is horrible, letting people comment and insult you seem ok with these bad people. I have read on other forums many complaints about them giving reviews that are insulting and obnoxious in nature. Do not believe any of their reviews, many of there reviews are false and this I know as have used programs they say are bad yet they are not. Something stinks bad about that forum hope they taken down.

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Re: Lottery System Review Site lottoexposed.com Is Misleading People

WOW....for sure had a peek at that lottoexposed forum all I can say it it is not a legit forum. Any lottery forum that allows attacking of members or posters is down right horrible. I will post about that sorry excuse for a forum to warn others on my facebook page.

Forums that are doing this kind of crap should be banned from the internet.

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Re: Lottery System Review Site lottoexposed.com Is Misleading People

Ok i see now, that forum is fake. Attacking is no professional, this shows forum is garbage!!!!


Re: Lottery System Review Site lottoexposed.com Is Misleading People

I do know this review site, it is absolutely full of fake inaccurate reviews. These fools run their reviews site in an awful manner allowing others to attack programs, just sickens me. I see most of these shady lottery review sites or forums are from the UK or Australia, must be something wrong with them to do this kind of damaging insulting reviews.