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Finally was registered on this forum........i really wanted to reply the fact i fell for this professor developed Win Lotto Systems. I do not like to waste money and fell for the hype hook line and sinker. Was leery concerning the guarantees they claim: full refund or 100.00 cash back if system does not perform as promised.

I followed this system to the letter and it did not do as claimed......won zipity squat a big fat O! So now on too to the refund or 100.00 back.......nope did not happen click bank did not honor it. I knew this whole ordeal was a long shot at best being trustworthy, but i tried non the less and once again got burnt. The fact remains if i had won using the system i would not have had an issue. Serious B.S coming from click bank, this is where all the scammers flock to to make money from fools like me.

I could bet my life there is no such professor......all B.S!!!!!!!


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Your not alone, i see others reporting the exact same thing about this system, so the word is spreading and from all reports it not good!


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I tried this system back about 1 year ago..it did nothing to help me win. It said 60 day money back guarantee, so asked for refund as stated you can do  if not happy, they refused my refund, so they lied! At first thought system was by a professor, later learnt it was nothing more than a marketer who runs a shady lottery system review forum that really owns the false system.


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Garbage system!!! If you see a lottery system boasting it is designed by a professor or similar it is a fraud.


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Have tried this system and did not like it at all ..... never won with it and then later found out the system is full of lies and false advertising.