Topic: Lottery Software Systems Flooding The Market (Not Good)

The truth is, playing the lottery is big business for many shady marketers who prey on people looking for an easy answer to win lottery games. These marketers are turning to lottery software (past drawn number systems or statistic systems) to sell for a fast buck to hungry lottery players.

The bad part of these lottery software systems, is they are really not a system at all, just information or material you can use with a legit lottery system and all the information found in these software systems is Totally Free Online at statistic lottery sites. This is where the info they are selling to you comes from.

Then usually the software system is seriously hyped up with lies and tons of false advertising to grab your attention. These types of systems are sold with claims of giving you big win rates as high as 96% to 100% which is a total lie! These systems will only at best give you a win rate of 2% to 4% that's it! So please do not be fooled by these shady marketers, they only want to fill their pockets with your money, they win nothing with their own systems.

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Re: Lottery Software Systems Flooding The Market (Not Good)

You are right on the money when you say all lotto software systems are the same. I have tried 3 of these systems, all were basically the same and I won very little in the time I applied these systems. Maybe these systems are marketed and sold by the same people, which might explain why they are so a like.


Re: Lottery Software Systems Flooding The Market (Not Good)

It is quite funny that most people cannot see or understand, that these lotto prediction past drawn numbers software systems are really all the same. As LarryG states many of them may in fact be the same sellers, selling the same systems under different names. I have read posts claiming that for example, the Lottery Crusher software system is really the same system as the Formula1 Lotto system and proof to back it up!

If you remove all of these past drawn numbers software system you really only have a short list of systems left to choose from. I have recommended the Smart Play Lotto Wheels system on my blogs as it different from the usual lottery wheeling systems and my followers all agree and verify they get good wins using it.

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Re: Lottery Software Systems Flooding The Market (Not Good)

I have had some small luck with a few of these software systems, nothing much though.

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Re: Lottery Software Systems Flooding The Market (Not Good)

It seem almost all systems selling are software systems, all basically the same nothing special systems. Also most all of these software systems state a Money back guarantee which people fall for, but this does not mean much at all.

As Iā€™m sure most of you very well know by now, these sellers work on the basis that most people who will purchases these systems will either forget or miss the deadline date for refunds, or that they will not be bothered with the hassel trying to get their money back. Then if you get past all of that crap, there are sellers that simply refuse to give a guarantee refund and will make you fight for it, so all in all, most of these software systems are simply not worth even using to begin with, so find more reputable type systems to use.

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Re: Lottery Software Systems Flooding The Market (Not Good)

People looking to win the lottery easier think that a lottery software system is the answer, then after paying a premium cost for the system, they find out the many problems associated with these types of software systems such as:

1- System is very hard to use and understand.

2- System has many glitches, never gets fixed. (very common with software systems)

3- System does not win as advertised (What a surprise!)

4- Numbers/lines given by these systems many times do not add up, make no sense.

5- These systems seem to all be similar. That is because most are the same basic system just made to look a little different and sold under a different name (Very tricky)

Bottom line is lottery software systems are more so for entertainment not really to win lottery games. I have been around the block a few times using these type systems, never did they work as claimed. Software systems generally get their data they feed to you for free from lottery statistic websites, you never need to buy these types of system, just get the info yourself. Do not believe a system is going to give you a very high 50% - 76% win rate, in reality it will only ever give you about a 2% to maybe 4% win rate at best, which is just a tad higher than using your own random lottery numbers. This has been proven over and over again.


Re: Lottery Software Systems Flooding The Market (Not Good)

This seems to be only for gambling systems/lottery systems other software for different products is ok. The software for most of these lottery systems is yes, out right scammy!

People think that software is going to do better for them, when it actually makes it worse to use. Never heard any good comments on any lottery system that uses software, except by the seller. It is also no coincidence that these same sellers selling hyped-up software systems have no support, they know their systems are stupid and win nothing.


Re: Lottery Software Systems Flooding The Market (Not Good)

Hate software for these systems. Better to have a system that you can see what is going on, will not freeze on you, will not function correctly or will be super slow.

Real systems should not be in software format then you can easily change things and never ever have to worry if system crashes which most do.

I have heard of to many problems from to many people in re guards to these software systems. Have also experienced first had the many problems they can and usually will give you and most lottery systems have little or no support, so you will be stuck with a system that does not win what it claims and to add the finishing touch of not actually functioning.

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Re: Lottery Software Systems Flooding The Market (Not Good)

Stay away from any lottery software system they are crappy and are only giving you numbers that are random or same off of any lottery website such as Powerball. I know this as have tried a few and they are all the same junk. Go with a non software system ONLY! If says is software then it is, if does not state it is a software system, then it is Not Software....this is the kind of system that is real and works best.