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Callie Rogers was 16 years old living with foster parents in the UK and was working as a shop clerk making £3.60 an hour which is $5.83 U.S And one day she purchased a lottery ticket. Well low and behold the lottery ticket was a winner, Rogers won a whopping £1.9 million which is $3 million U.S in the National Lottery. She promptly bought four large homes and several brand new cars and even had two breast augmentations done.

The suddenly very wealthy teen also developed a penchant for sharing her big windfall with many others. She purchased many expensive gifts for many of boyfriends. She even bought one boyfriend a brand new car and also paid him to act as her personal Chauffer because at 16, she was still too young to drive. She also took fancy to another habit, that really led to Rogers financial ruin, this was cocaine. She estimates spending a quarter of a million pounds on the drug cocaine.

Now after the dust had settled, Rogers was left with very little to show for her newly aquired riches. She now sold the homes she owned, divested the all her new cars and then rented a modest townhouse to live in. Her actual savings seemingly paltry £40,000 which is $64,000 U.S which all remained now of her big lottery winnings. Then started work as a maid, however, in April 2012, now very low on funds and pregnant with twins along with a new boyfriend at her side, Rogers said, "For the first time I feel like I have everything I need.

So Rogers had learnt a big lesson and had to realize all is not just money, but still wasted all her winnings away foolishly. Winning a big lottery such as the National Lottery may not be suited for the younger less mature person.

Just a thought of mine: I would not think it's legal for a 16 year old teen to win never mind claim a lottery winning. Maybe it's different in the UK than the states or Canada.


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While this is not quite a lottery story...…it does involve gambling. I do play the lottery, but i also like to try my luck out at the Casino every now and then.

So while at the casino I decided to up my odds to win by listening to the sound track of Oceans Eleven (makes me feel lucky), this while playing my usual game “sickbo”. Got into the swing of things and then a security guy tapped my shoulder and asked to see my mp3 player and ear plugins, i guess he thought I was using this to cheat some how...i mean really. I assured him there is no cheating going on, just listening to my lucky music. He said what’s the music? I told him it was oceans eleven sound track. He did not like that for some reason and ejected me from the casino. I was pretty bummed at this and went to a 7/11 and bought a drink and a scratch lottery ticket. The scratch ticket was a $100 winner so yay for me the big winner!! i get booted from the Casino (i am female and that did not matter) only to win $100 on a scratch lottery ticket. i just feel as if the big guy up there was feeling sorry for me and pushed me to at least a small win which put nice big smile on my face.


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Eliecer Chacon is a regular lotto player of the Virginia lottery. He has been playing the lottery with his strategy that most people seem to ignore as he says. His lottery winning strategy is to pick his numbers based on the the previous winners, and then select the ones (numbers) that are coming up more often. While this strategy works for him it does not always work for others. For him his winning strategy has proven effective as he did pull off a has pulled a $100,000 jackpot win.

Chacon was interviewed by the local media and he stated that his lottery winning strategy is nothing new. He has been testing his strategy for a long time and this time it has proven to be effective. While he hasn’t won prizes of six figures until as of late, he has won smaller prizes by matching certain drawn numbers. It was this time around that he was successful at matching all 5 numbers in the local drawing, making him a $100,000 richer man.

When asked if he recommends his type of lottery winning strategy, Chacon said You can’t win if you don’t play, and that his style of strategy is just one of many that has been floating around for him to try and win the lotto with. Also, "Consistency" should be noted here, been playing every week for quite some time now, and well this turned out to finally be his time to win.

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Friends split $60 million from Lotto Max jackpot win!

Annie Roy, who is a former Loto-Quebec employee and her husband, Gilles Leprohon, an independent contractor for Loto-Quebec Ontario on New Year's Day, on their way to a family brunch had stopped at a gas station depanneur in L'Ange-Gardien to purchase their lottery tickets using the group formula.The couple said it was a tradition to buy the group formula lottery tickets before their family gatherings, they had no trouble selling their 20 shares, at only $5 each. Annie's brother, mother and father and three of her uncles and aunts, as well as some adult children who were present at the lunch all got in on the group lottery ticket. In all there were 28 winners, almost all members of the same extended family. The winners are aged 21 to 71 and some of the winners split their tickets with a spouse or another person, the prize would be divided 20 ways, but some of those $3-million shares will be split between two people.


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Illinois Largest Lottery Win Claimed!

Patricia Busking a retired health care worker became the winner of the largest Lottery prize in Illinois Lottery history when the second line of numbers on her Quick Pick lottery ticket matched all six numbers – 23 - 33 - 53 - 56 - 58 - (06) on the Friday, August 11, Mega Millions drawing. Illinois Lottery officials presented Patricia Busking with a $393 million ceremonial check to commemorate her history making lottery win. She opted to take the one-time payment of $246 million. The winning Mega Millions ticket was purchased in Palos Heights. She bought her winning ticket at Nick’s Barbecue, 12658 S. Harlem Ave., in Palos Heights, an eating establishment she ate at.

Here is a list of Mega Millions Facts

Mega Millions Jackpots start at $15 million

Overall odds of winning the actual jackpot is 1:258,890,850
Drawings are held at 10 p.m. (CT) every Tuesday and Friday

Previous Mega Millions jackpot winning tickets that were sold in Illinois include:

- March 2012, $219 million winner ($656 million jackpot split 3 ways–Maryland, Kansas and Illinois) winning ticket sold in Red Bud.
- January 2015, $270 million jackpot winning ticket was sold in Naperville.
- June 2015, $260 million jackpot winning ticket was sold in Blue Island.
- September 2016, $133 million jackpot winning ticket was sold in Tuscola.


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Patricia Busking was the winner of the largest Mega Millions lottery prize in Illinois Lottery history when her second line of lottery numbers on her $5 Quick Pick lottery ticket matched all 5 winning numbers plus the bonus number – 23 - 33 - 53 - 56 - 58 - (06) – in the Friday, August 11, Mega Millions drawing. Busking won $393 million, she immediately signed the back of the winning lottery ticket. she opted to take the one time payment of $246 million. She purchased her winning Mega Millions ticket at Nick’s Barbecue located at 12658 S. Harlem Ave in Palos Heights, she and Joe had decided to stop there to buy steak sandwiches for their dinner. Nick’s Barbecue will receive an amount of $500,000 bonus for selling the winning Mega Millions lotteryticket.


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$105,000,000 mega millions jackpot won September-22-2017 by Wayne Harris of Homer is New York. Waynes winning mega million  numbers were 05 – 39 – 54 – 63 – 66 and Mega Ball was 15. The new mega million Lottery multimillionaire shares a house with his father and said he checked the winning numbers online the morning after the draw, seen he had six matching digits on the last line on his ticket. The method he used to pick his winning lottery numbers was just completely random. Harris purchased his winning mega millions lottery ticket at the Mirabito Convenience Store located at 7073 Route 281 in Preble, N.Y

Harris opted to receive the cash value of the annuitized Mega Millions prize. Instead of receiving $105,000,000 in thirty annual payments, he received an immediate lump sum payment of $66,455,696 and after taxes he netted $43,980,380.

Advice Harris gave to other lottery players was “You’ll never know how lucky you are unless you play. It’s not a lot of money to risk to win a lot.”


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Powerball jackpot for November 1 2017 drawing was an estimated $52 million. While there was no jackpot winner for that draw, Eric Garrison did match four of the first five numbers drawn and the Powerball number to win himself $50,000.

MR Garrison doesn't usually buy Powerball tickets on a regular basis, he just plays the same set of numbers as he always does. Garrison purchased one set of his usual numbers and had the lottery terminal pick the other numbers.

On November 3 2017, MR Garrison went into the same store where he'd bought the original quick pick ticket to have his ticket from Wednesday's drawing checked. The manager then handed him back his ticket and told him it was too much for them to pay. After reviewing the winning numbers to the numbers on his lottery ticket it was shown MR Garrison had won $50,000.

Garrison and his wife traveled to the lottery headquarters in Louisville there he mentioned to the lottery officials that he and his wife Linda had also made a trip to lottery headquarters back in 1999. His wife Linda had claimed a Lotto Kentucky winning lottery ticket worth $2.6 million from the March 10, 1999 draw. What was strange was she too had played the same set of numbers before winning the $2.6 million jackpot.

Garrison, was a retired Sears service repairman, currently he was working three jobs to keep busy. He said there are no big plans for using his winnings, just time for his wife to get a new car.

The winning ticket was purchased in Sadieville at Love's Travel Stop. The store will receive a $500 bonus for selling the winning Powerball lottery ticket.

Garrison are very lucky lottery winners, winning not once but twice!!!


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California’s second Mega Millions jackpot winner so far this year in 2017, had won $61 Million, after all those years playing the lottery trying his luck at winning the Lottery, finally David Trapp’s dedication paid off big time when his lucky lottery ticket had matched all six winning numbers (6-13-18-20-31 and Mega number was 13).

David Trapp has had been playing the same California Lottery numbers for many years and when he bought $6 worth of Mega Millions tickets for the April 28 and May 2 Mega Millions draws (three chances for each draw date), it was a big surprise that his lucky five numbers which are birthdays of family members, were the first ones selected and the computer selected the Mega Number. Trapp says he’s thinking about buying a new home and will most likely set up a few trust funds.

The 7-Eleven in Laguna Hills California where Trapp bought his lucky lottery ticket located at 27001 Moulton Parkway wins as well, as received a $305,000 retailer bonus just for selling the winning Mega Millions ticket.


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Douglas Paschke of Minneapolis Minnesota claimed a $1 million Powerball win at the Minnesota Lottery's office in Roseville on Feb. 5. The Super America, which located at 5105 - 34th Ave. South in Minneapolis sold Douglas the $1 million winning ticket. The business will also receive a $5,000 bonus payout.

I thought this was kinda cool as I actually know this exact gasoline station, been there a few times when in Minneapolis. I just wish it would have been me who bought the winning lottery ticket.


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Here is my lottery story for those of you who think you can never win playing the lottery. Now my story is not about a big million dollar jackpot win, no mine is a story of a long time lottery player who hardly ever won, only hit a few winning numbers a few times in my whole life. I now am an actual many time lottery winner, no not big lottery wins, but the smaller winnings and many times now....more than i ever have had in my life and believe i will eventually hit a major win at some point down the road.

My better lottery winning success is all due to just a change in the way i now play the lottery, versus my old way of playing....just random numbers or quick picks. My old way is the stupid way of playing the lottery as your odds to win do not increase at all, so you just lose. I now use a good lottery system and apply it every lottery draw and let me tell you, it really does make a huge difference in your luck to hit winning lottery numbers easier, it's 100% proof lottery systems are your key to win easier. Granted all my winnings so far are small, but if you add them up it's a good amount, much more than before, which was zero winnings you see.

I think i will be a major lottery winner at some point in the future, all due to using a better strategy.


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Seventy two year old Kui Yuen Miu, of Queens New York, was the latest New Yorker to win the $1,000,000 Mega Millions second prize on March/8/2018. Miu won his lottery winnings on a set of winning lottery numbers for the February 13 Mega Millions drawing. He said he uses a variety of strategies to pick the lottery numbers such as birthdays, random etc and always checks his lottery tickets after the draw.

On this particular draw on February/13/2018 the winning Mega Millions numbers were 5-12-15-46-49 plus Mega Ball 1, When Miu checked his lottery tickets and realized he had won a million dollars, he could not sleep. The one Million dollars was a second prize paid as a one time lump sum payment. After all withholding his net paid by check was $633,040. His are to decide with his wife on how to spend any of the winnings.

The winning lottery ticket was purchased at Mitul Quick Stop located on Main Street in Flushing New York and is the 19th New York Lottery winner to claim a prize totaling $1,000,000 or more this year.

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Taylor Smith scanned his recent LOTTO MAX ticket and found he’d won $1,000,000 on one of the 50 MAXMILLIONS draws this on June 1/2018 At first he thought he won $10,000 then, he thought it was $100,000 then he realized he actually won $1,000,000, and kept thinking, ‘This isn’t real, It can’t be real!" but in fact yes he did win.

Taylor just wants to start off by paying some bills, then put some money away and help out his family a little. He would like to have one fun purchase as well for himself which would be a sports car.

Mr Smith purchased his winning $20 LOTTO MAX ticket at the St. Albert Petro Canada located at 770 St. Albert Road, his winning MAXMILLIONS numbers were as follows ( 8, 16, 18, 39, 44, 47 and 48. )

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Millions Jackpot Won in South Carolina (Record Win)

A single lucky winning Mega Million lottery ticket holder from South Carolina claimed the tremendously huge lottery jackpot of $1.537 billion or ($878 Million Cash). The winning numbers for the October 23 draw was 5, 28, 62, 65, 70, plus the gold Mega Ball 5.

This history setting Mega Millions jackpot completely crushed the former Mega Millions record jackpot win of $656 million set back in March 2012, and is just shy of the $1.586 billion Powerball prize back in January 2016 which was shared by three people with winning lottery tickets.

In total, there was 15,750,013 winning lottery tickets on Tuesday night draw, in addition to the single big jackpot winner.

Three other jackpots have been won this year a $451 million winner on January 5 from Florida, a $533 million on March 30 from New Jersey, and also a $142 million winner on May 4 from Ohio.


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Winning the lottery with 0000 Who would have known that 4 zeroes could be so profitable? A total of four zeroes were drawn in a recent Michigan lotto draw, a total of 1,079 winning lotto players won an impressive $5,000 each. The lotto draw took place on Sunday as a part of the Michigan Daily 4 lotto game. Officials stated this was the first time that 4 zeroes have ever been drawn on a Daily 4 lotto game, and the lotto game has been played every single day since 1981.