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Topic: manyincomestreams.com Is A Scam Review Site

I am giving you all the heads up on two very shady review sites, they post false reviews and out right lies about lottery systems, and or other programs as well. They do this garbage so you read the reviews, then after making the system or program look bad, they point you to what they are selling. This is a con artist way of selling their product, all of their reviews are fake and mislead people big time! Do not believe anything they tell you and do not give them any of your information they might use it against you, BEWARE!

Here are the two review sites run by shady marketers/con artists.

manyincomestreams.com and youronlinerevenue.com


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Thanks for the heads up, I will be sure to pass on this information. Marketers who use those tactics make us honest markets look bad, I hate them, they should be locked up and banned from the Internet by court order.


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This is very important for me to hear this. Thank you for posting this information, I will pass this on.


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Great, thanks for the warning i will also pass on this information to others.

Yes the review site is a joke! took a look at the review site, very NASTY!!!!!! That site should be banned from the internet and the owner should go to jail. You can easily see what he is up to (posts bad reviews even if not a bad business, then says hey want a good way to make money, join wealthy affiliate) What A Con Game..


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I do know of this review site and it is nothing short of foolish reviews that are easily seen as false! Why in the world would someone want to do this kind of nasty tactic, must be a very bad person indeed. He or she will pay for their wrong doings, it is just the way crap happens, obviously this fool did not learn any respect for others.


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The shady review site is run by con artist no doubt about it....he promotes his MLM crap after bad mouthing these systems and programs. Just goes to show how these pathetic losers try and steal money from others by pretending to be a legit review site.

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Re: manyincomestreams.com Is A Scam Review Site

We did a full investigation on this ridiculous review site in question - very shady review site indeed, never trust that site, it is run by a con artist.

He posts false bad reviews on good programs, then with his shady training gives you ALL of the behind the scenes steps on how he can help you make "Real Money" and possibly become a self made millionaire - just copy his shady strategies to be more financially successful. Just join wealthy affiliate and then do as he does - lie, cheat, give bad false reviews on good programs, products etc. You can be a full time con artist just like him. What goes around comes around and eventually all con artists get there just reward, mark my words!

Most all of these shady review sites and con artists are from the UK and Australia, just be aware of that. ONLY trust legit review sites, ONLY from United States and Canada.


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Took a look at the review site and saw that they attack lots of programs, even some I know and know first hand they are not scams....but good programs!!! Now....look at the fol that runs that review site. After gives you a bunch of bull about how bad or scammy a program is, then tells you about the program Wealth Affiliate which is nothing more than a B.S money making program. He tells you oh yes join free and guess what? Then they ask you for a huge amount to join the premium which you need to or you have no real program to use. It's a crap deal and only a few succeed. The program Wealth Affiliate is a waste of time and money.

My problem is that this so called review site posts negative reviews on many programs including lottery systems which are complete lies!!!! This can harm programs and businesses that are not doing anything wrong. I would say the owner of the review site manyincomestreams.com should be sued for doing this type of nonsense.