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#1 2013-02-23 06:21:20


Lottery Audit Software Is Nothing Special

Here is my review of the Lottery Audit Software system. I purchased a three month subscription to the lottery software program as I though it would be different than the general lotto software systems athat are all the same, I was WRONG!

I tested out the system for the full three months and was seriously disappointed. The Lottery Audit system is basically the same as all other lotto software systems, they will give you past drawn hot and cold and over-due lotto numbers for your particular lottery game, this I thought would be much better, but I can go online and get the exact same data they feed to me, so what is the point of purchasing this system and it is not cheap at $30 per month.

Anyways, in the three months of using the system I lost alot of money on losing lottery tickets, so the sellers claim about how great the Lottery Audit systrem works it total rubbish! I read many good reviews on the system, thought they were for real, then found out after I bought the system, the reviews were written by affiliates selling the system, so all fake!

I believe I was suckered, but you do not have to be, just remember most of these so called great winning lottery systems are in fact not nearly as good as they are claiming to be. I do know now there are a few solid reputable systems as Lotto Guy System which has tons of great reviews by real lottery winners along with a few other systems and these have no affiliates that can sell the system for profits, so the general reviews are real and not written by affiliates!

I will also post this in the section lottery systems that won you money or did not win you money. Can you guess which I will say about the Lottery Audit software program?

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#2 2013-05-08 07:04:25


Re: Lottery Audit Software Is Nothing Special

Did you know there has been a few lottery poll including this Lottery Audit System? Most people voted it as nothing special, winning with it was hard. A few voted it as an ok system to use. I have also tried the system and can honestly say there are much better systems one can use than Lottery Audit software, so shop wisely!


#3 2018-09-10 19:19:54


Re: Lottery Audit Software Is Nothing Special

Sounds like a phoney system. I can't even find this system I think it has gone under, it's not around anymore most likely as they were caught in their lies!!!!!


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