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#1 2012-11-26 08:34:46


Sadly these 3 Lotto software Systems Lost Me Money

So far I have had very bad luck with lotto software systems, these 3 systems won no winnings for me.

1) The Formula 1 Lotto System
2) The Lottery Crusher System
3) Win Lotto Systems

These systems were all recommended to me by the many reviews. The Win Lotto System was highly recommended to use by another lottery forum Which I know now is just an affiliate seller of this system, hence the recommendation.

I see this lottery forum does not recommend any of these systems I tried, even has a section to warn us players about these misleading software systems.

I trust this forums recommendations, seems very trustworthy advice.


#2 2018-09-28 04:23:54

Ronda J

Re: Sadly these 3 Lotto software Systems Lost Me Money

Those are seriously stupid systems ..... I know as tried them and they did not work at all!!!! I think the one system " win lotto systems" which was really push hard on me by another review site called to use lied about how great the system was, well it turned out the system was a joke!!!!! I won nothing wit it and I do believe the owner of that system is the same liar who runs the review site  DO NOT TAKE ADVICE FROM THAT REVIEW SITE!!!!!!


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