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#1 2012-11-14 20:43:49

Lorna Fram

Lottery Dominator Is Not Good System

This Lottery Dominator system has been around for years now and is now recognized as a false system that does not work to win any lotto game as they claimed it. 4 people on by blog have stated they were taken by this system (system is basically similar to found free online material and no refunds were honored as some inform)

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Lotto Black Book Is Busted All Lies!!!!!! … etely.html


#2 2017-05-22 06:18:43


Re: Lottery Dominator Is Not Good System

Read same exact comments about this system....was going to try it at one time then changed my mind....very glad i did so.


#3 2018-12-07 04:56:36


Re: Lottery Dominator Is Not Good System

Granted all agree the system was piss poor and had no real winners who used it. I thought this guy Lustig died? So if the system is still up and running who the hell runs it? The main person is gone, so obviously the whole system is completely failed. Ya, pass on crap like this system where all is just lies and money grabbing tricks .... omg! And what gives with the hike in cost for the system, it's now $147 WHAT! Whoever runs the site/system is ripping people off big time!So is this now an exploitation of the system, especially if the original creator cannot prevent or counter it.


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