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#1 2013-03-21 18:37:12


Lotto Payload Software Sucks!

I just wanted to inform others about this Lotto Payload software system. The system has changed their website a few times, each time giving you a totally different claim as to how good the system is for winning lotto. At one point it claimed would even give you a whopping! 300% increased win rates, now just says will help increase your odds to win often and easier.

I tried this system and I know others who have tested it out and seriously the system sucks! For one it is just like any other lotto software system and does not increase your win rate by much. You will have plenty of losing lottery tickets to throw in the trash if you decide to use this quite useless system.

All of these fancy sounding full of hype systems are seemingly all sold through clickbank and have affiliates selling the system, that is how these people make their money, not by winning lottery games. If you go to their website they will show you a few winning tickets as proof, only the winning tickets are so low it makes me laugh! Even I have bigger winning lotto tickets than what these jokers show you as proof on the Lotto Payload website.

Bottom line is, the Lotto Payload system only gives you the same lotto data that is available to all of us for free online at lottery statistic websites. So please do not fall for these shifty marketers phony systems that will never win you a single cent playing any lotto game.


#2 2019-04-14 04:31:15


Re: Lotto Payload Software Sucks!

I do believe this lottery system is finished - gone and all members got stuck with nothing.


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